Monogenetics 2021 Kirby de Lanerolle
Monogenetics 2021 Kirby de Lanerolle

Monogenetics LIVE 2021 with Kirby de Lanerolle

A brand new Training Series by Kirby de Lanerolle

Monogenetics LIVE 2021, is a Christ-centric bio-hacking program, especially designed for those having a revelation of the resurrection life of Christ. A believer is born from above and has at his disposal the incorruptible spirit nature that can be activated through psychosomatic modalities. Monogenetics prescribes protocols that are practical for daily use that can help facilitate awareness, longevity and wellness.

This program by Kirby will reveal some revolutionary new habits that you can adapt as it suits you into your daily life.

Why Monogenetics? To bring about measurable results for longevity, youth and peace of mind. Join Kirby on his personal day to day journey.

Monogenetics LIVE 2021 is happening this February. 5 LIVE Zoom sessions will span across 5 days starting from the 9th to the 13th February 2021 (IST +5:30 GMT)

Your Instructor, Kirby de Lanerolle

Kirby and his wife Fiona are the founders and visionaries of WOWLife Church in Colombo and has a HUGE following in the USA, CANADA, Australia and Europe. Kirby have been featured on NatGeo and TedX and many other media channels for their unique ministry. They have influence beyond the church, even into the new age world as well as corporate and government world.

Monogenetics 2021 Kirby de Lanerolle

Learn the Spiritual Protocols for Christ-Centric Biohacking

There can’t be a better time learn practical everyday bio-hacks that will facilitate anti-ageing, Increase Immunity promote prime health. Face 2021 like a boss, the way SONS ought to be..

Join Kirby for 5 consective days LIVE on zoom. Get entry to the dedicated private Facebook group where you can interact with Kirby (and Fiona) along with other likeminded participants from around the world.

We are excited to have you on this journey!

Cheers to a NEW you..


Program Topics

  • Session 1 – Health and Lasting Life, a biblical perspective (60 – 90 Mins)
  • Session 2 – Breath and contemplation (60 – 90 Mins)
  • Session 3 – Mind and Neuro-hacks (60 – 90 Mins)
  • Session 4 – “Exercise profits little” (60 – 90 Mins)
  • Session 5 – Food & calorie restriction (60 – 90 Mins)

Program Time Table

Kirby de Lanerolle Monogenetics 2021

NOTE : Once registered you will have UNLIMITED access to the recordings of all live sessions to watch as many times you want. 


Here’s what some of the past attendees had to say 

Kiru Kishokumar (Dubai) – Global Health Coach, Pharmacologist, Certified Integrative, Nutrition Health Coach, Intl.Speaker

I am so completely grateful for your compassion on us to teach us the ways of the Mystic. I have been seeking past the doors of the mundain church and rarely found life inside those walls. I was jumping down new age rabbit holes looking past the joojoo just to see if I could grasp something that represented God. I did find Him but never knew if I could trust what rabbit hole was jumping into. I look forward to joining you for more teachings but even more I look forward to the life that has been planted in me and has been protected for many decades now, to blossom and come forth into this world in which we live. Again, Thank you ever so kindly. Have a  perfectly blessed day. With all my heart and love to both you and Fiona.

Deb Patton - USA

Wow, how awesome the first session was!…. And I love that you are doing this online instead of at a physical location. Thank you Jesus for leading me to follow wow life church since last month, I have been so blessed by Kirby’s teachings every week. Love it!

Candy Malcho - Thailand

This is SO worth waking up super early for. Thank you SO much dear Kirby & Fiona ????????????

Louise Menzies - USA

Eline Verheul (Netherlands) – Visual and graphic Artist, High Pressure Processing Consultant

So grateful for this stuff, so practically helpful and transforming. The fruit of slowing down and just watching our thoughts has been incredible.

Beau Brandon - USA

Glad I made the investment to be transformed by these truths. I want to listen to them over and over. Thank you Lord for Your life bringing life to my mortal body and soul.

Diane Bhone - USA

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the LIVE sessions start?

The LIVE sessions will be from the 9th to 13th February 2021 (IST +5.30 GMT). See full timetable HERE

How long will each sessions be?

Each session will last 60 – 90 Minutes

What if I can not join the LIVE sessions?

We have you covered. Each session is recorded and made available to watch on-demand. Simple login to the MY ACCOUNT dash board to access the recordings.

For how long will I have access to the recordings?

How does UNLIMITED access sound? Thats right, you will have unlimited access.

Will I be able to download the recorded videos?

No, but you will be able to download the AUDIO MP3 to listen on the go. The videos will be available for streaming only.

After enrolling, what if I feel this program is not for me?

We get it, and our expectation is for you to be sure that this program is benefiting you. If you feel it’s not for you during the 5 days of the LIVE sessions, simply email us asking for a full refund.

Monogenetics LIVE 2021 : Spiritual Protocols for Christ-Centric Biohacking

Join Kirby for 5 consecutive days LIVE on zoom

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