5 Day Program 2021 - 5DP Sync

5 Day Program 2021 – 5DP Sync


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5DP SYNC (RECORDED LIVE) is the 2021 year-end digital immersive.

It has been a massive year of revelatory shifts. And now it’s time we “Syncopate” a decade of 5 Day Programs with the Wowlife Word and this year’s upgrades. Welcome to “SYNC” 2021!

This Program was LIVE in December 2021. You are purchasing the recording of this program

5 days that will leave us grateful for all that God has done and provide each one of us with a firm and solid foundation to spring into the new year. The 5DP Sync brings a timely and topical consolidation of the entire worldview of the 5 Day program starting from the very first one in 2012. This Exclusively Online Iteration of the 5DP brings a plethora of additional digital deep dives into Christocentric-Scientific paradigms that have previously not been expounded on. Conducting a deeper and more detailed exploration of these concepts far beyond the ones done by Kirby de Lanerolle during a Sunday and Tuesday message. An exploration reserved for true seekers who have set their minds on living the multi-dimensional, polymathic life described by Christ and the Fathers of the bible.

This program comes with 9 daily live-streamed sessions and 5 digital deep dives (graphical videos) on important biblio-scientific concepts ranging from the fields of: 

  • Bio-Mechanics
  • Quantum Physics
  • Psychology
  • Social science
  • Spiritual-economics

Day 1 – Session 1

The genesis of the 5 Day Program started with the revelation of how the sound and frequency of the Word of God sustains and gives new life. For it is written that “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). This was a decade ago, when terminology like frequency, consciousness, vibration etc was considered New Age and taboo.(and still so, in some circles) However, Kirby persevered to broaden the semantics of the church and merge science with theology in order to demonstrate the simple truth that: God is greater than science, and yet also IS science. Leading us to the understanding that creating a separation between the two is not so constructive as church history demonstrates. New scientific ideas only make evident the unrealised power and technology of the Word. It was this revelation that sustained Kirby to run a half marathon, in a breatharian state having sustained himself on communion for 3 months prior. This incredible chapter of Kirby’s journey was featured on TEDx, National Geographic Channel and other mainstream news channels. It is with this ceiling that we lay the foundation for 5DP Sync 2021.

Agape Frequency

The baptism into the Holy Spirit emancipates one from the solidified frequencies of the Adamic Matrix to the realm of the Christ. Each one now possesses the power to disentangle from the lowly vibrational simulation of the world. This inaugural session will teach and awaken participants to the power of living in the fruit of the Spirit and what it entails.


Day 1 – Session 2

The Lord spoke to Kirby when he was first called and said that a revival of the Body is what awaits. This is the age of the Body. We are eternal spiritual beings, however our soul and body are of equal importance. Christ himself incarnated the body (the Word became flesh and dwelt among us – John 1:14). Whilst we live in the hope of a new glorified body and earth – we are called to tend, nurture and care for the one that exists in the present, for it could very well go on until that transformation process takes place in the twinkling of an eye.


Incarnation and Zero-Point energy

Alchemizing of the body and mind

This session will guide and teach on some methods to tune the body temple for sensitivity to the Spirit that indwells. The body has the power to tap into more subtle forms of fuel and energy source. This enables complementary and supplementary protocols which can aid one to live a healthier life and tap into zero point energy. Fasting and meditation are just some of the protocols that will be explored. Bio-hacking and its place in the mystical preparation of the body for communion will also be explored.

Day 2 – Session 3

The authority we possess over time and space has yet to be fully realised. The ancient scriptures are loaded with revelation of our power to transcend and disentangle from past trauma, hurt etc and the negative binding effects on the NOW.

Kairos Mind

Participants will explore the new creation reality of the finished work in context to historical timelines. Kirby will teach on traveling dimensions and memory editing to free oneself from anchor points that perpetuate negative patterns. Our story is recreated in Christ as we behold the realization of old things have passed away and all things have become new. Therefore new memories can be infused to overlay and erase energy vortexes that remain strongholds in our lives.

Day 2 – Session 4

Vast Mind of Christ

These sessions will explore a set of mediations that will permeate the mind to expand beyond polarised concepts. Our inability to release the clutched forms and principles due to fear and judgment keeps us in cycles of re-living fears and hurts. A deeper explanation of the victimisation of humanity that resulted from the tree of the “knowledge of good and evil” will aid participants to refrain from eating from that tree any longer. Facilitating the healing of the nervous system from sympathetic reactions is a major part of this subject matter.

Day 3 – Session 5

The importance of understanding and connecting with one’s conscience cannot be overstated. It is essential in order to hear the voice of God and to be led by the Spirit. It is at the very core of  the grace lifestyle and not merely governed by laws on stone.

The Conscience

The Conscience is the voice of the New Testament. Now that we have been released from the law and accusative instruction, the conscience is our compass. This part of the 5 Day Program could be said to be the heart. Participants will learn of the different characters of the conscience and its powerful place within the new testament believer while also studying the establishment of balance and restoration within the body, mind and spirit while learning the phonetics of the new language of a free people.

Day 3 – Session 6

The order of Melchizedek

Alchemizing of the soul

Reigning in Righteousness is the role of the priesthood today. This session will delve deeper into the priestly role, the power of the cross and communion; together with practices of “condemnation void reflections”.  Participants will also learn the importance of the feedback loop concept reinforced with mirror meditations that cause profound and immediate change and results.

Day 4 – Session 7

A commitment to Wisdom

A review of Solomon’s wisdom as “The One Thing” that impressed God. This session opens the eyes of the participants to see goodness in all of the cosmos. Bringing balance through righteousness and balancing the scales. The mature doctrines of righteousness (meats) which could also be described as: ‘establishing the kingdom and authority over the beggarly elements of the world’ is also contained in this session.

Day 4 – Session 8

Emotional Alchemy

This session will focus on emotional intelligence and the employment of emotions therapeutically for greater manifestation. Participants will also learn how to soften and harden the matrix so that our nervous system can perpetuate coherent dimensions of reality. Emotions are incredibly important as they are keys to spirit activations and the invocation of angels.

Day 5 – Session 9

The Sabbath Rest

The Sabbath is a mystical gift from our creator. It is the grace of the Bride and the position of the Son. To practice sabbath is to redeem time and space. To practice sabbath is to transcend the realm of mammon. It is to make room for the Holy Spirit to possess the temple and everything one touches; thereby bringing order to the chaos. This session will reveal the sabbath in fresh light while also acting as a fitting conclusion to the 5 days that will position each and every participant to fully optimise and live out all that has been imparted on this life-changing program.

Question & Answers 

Live-feeds will be on the ZOOM platform. Interaction with K&F and between participants will take place during this program on the dedicated 5DP Sync FB platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included In the purchase?

You will have Unlimited Streaming Access to the recordings (recorded live) of all 9 sessions + 5 digital deep dive videos to watch any time you like.

What do I have to do to prepare for these 5 days?

It’s recommended that you follow the program in 5 consecutive days. Take time off and dedicate this time where possible. Even though some form of fasting is recommended during the program it is completely optional.

What should I do if my payment fails?

PayHere is the secure local payment gateway we use. Some credit card issuers may require to get authorized by calling the issuing bank before processing foreign payments. Also the card needs to be 3DS activated (one time PIN sent to your phone). Both these reasons can be rectified by calling your bank. It’s out of the merchants control. Once you have called the bank to get it authorized you can try processing the payment again.

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Here are few testimonies from those participated in the 5DP Cedar Creek USA this year.

Diane Talamantez - USA

Diane Talamantez - USA

Stella Nova - USA

Stella Nova - USA

Faith Ann - USA

Faith Ann - USA

Cartilage Healed at 5DP

Cartilage Healed at 5DP

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