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IMPORTANT : It has been decided to POSTPONE this 5DP. 

5 Day Program : Living in the Flow is your year-end set up to take on the year 2023 to become your fullest expression in health, wealth, finances, relationships and spirituality.

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IMPORTANT : It has been decided to POSTPONE this 5DP.

Hi everyone, Kirby here.

5 Day Program : Living in the Flow is your year-end set up to take on the year 2023 to become your fullest expression in health, wealth, finances, relationships and spirituality.

I am so buzzed to bring to you an invitation to our next season together.

Just to give you a synopsis of last of year’s highlights and mile-post initiatives that we have actioned:

We just completed WOW Union….the first christian festival with sports,creativity, fireworks and most importantly deep word and revelation combined for 5 days. Which concluded with an ordaining of nearly 400 leaders. We also set up a platform for Cristian Mystery School that has over a 1000 students.

Now this was all within a scope of an year.

We also completed the initial years for our masters in neuroscience and Fiona (my wife) in theology, started my certification in positive psychology; Completed Iron man in Dubai and are in training for the next Iron Man in December. I upped my 10 KM timing which is the best timing in my life to date. My cycling fitness has broken all my personal best times. I also started two new business ventures that converts into millions of dollars, integrated some of our businesses to a community development model that will directly bring dignity to over 250,000 people all while being working on my certification as a Flow Research Coach.

Now, you must know that this was all on the back drop of Sri Lanka being in its worst financial crisis to date, historically. We experienced a revolution that literaly ousted a president, with no electricity for hours a day, no fuel to run vehicles all combined with a severe lack of US Dollar input into the country. This drop in foreign income also caused a lack in essential items in the entire country.

While we were forced to stop our bi-weekly church physical gatherings due to COVID and later due to a petrol shortage. All of this occurring amidst the same persecution politically and socially we have had as Christians for years.

And I cant forget being critically ill with dengue.

This is not only a story Fiona and I share but the testimony of many of our leaders in Sri Lanka and globally.

As you all know i spend my research time studying the most optimal spiritual, christ centric and scientific protocols that one can use to 10X your life. 5DP “Living in the Flow” is a set up just at the end of 2022 to make you ready for an exponential year, just like we had.

This 5DP program comes with 9 daily live-streamed sessions and supplementary digital deep dive teachings.


  • Time is Now – bringing people into the present moment.
  • Liberation Constraints — using the law as a catalyst for growth and an optimized life
  • Developing the Will for unrelenting perseverance
  • Healthy Practices to Trigger the state of grace
  • Flow: A state of Grace with new sight
  • From Passion to Purpose and Mastery
  • The Language of the Nervous System
  • The Adoknight : The Way of the Master
  • Luminosity and the Celestial Intelligences

Programs Starts on the 13th of December 2022 at 07:30 AM IST.

MPORTANT : It has been decided to POSTPONE this 5DP.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included In the purchase?

You will have access to the LIVE sessions and also will have Unlimited Streaming Access to the recordings (recorded live) of all 9 sessions + digital deep dive videos to watch any time you like.

The recordings, any supplement material as well as participants community interaction happens within the program in WLWNet. You can join WLWNet (WOWLife privates social network) now if you have not already for free. Access to the program will get activated after the registration.

What do I have to do to prepare for these 5 days?

It’s recommended that you follow the program in 5 consecutive days. Take time off and dedicate this time where possible. Still if you miss a session not to worry. You can always catch with the recordings.

What should I do if my payment fails?

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Got any more questions?

Contact the support team using the HELP button in the bottom right corner.

Here are few testimonies from those participated in the 5DP Sync 2021

Ben Johnston CANADA

Ben Johnston CANADA

Bron Tough USA

Bron Tough USA

Susan Norrish USA

Susan Norrish USA

Randy A Castle USA

Randy A Castle USA

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