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RECORDING of the LIVE PROGRAM took place in OCTOBER 2023

Introducing DreamTech® by Kirby de Lanerolle, a workshop that unveils the world of dreams as a tool for prophecy and words of knowledge. This program will  harness the power of dreaming for the greater good.

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🌟 Learn to Live Your Dreams, Impact Your Community! 🌟

Introducing DreamTech by Kirby de Lanerolle, a workshop that unveils the world of dreams as a tool for prophecy and words of knowledge. This program will  harness the power of dreaming for the greater good.

Unlike ordinary dreams that often reflect personal struggles, DreamTech uses the teachings and impartation of Kirby de Lanerolle to transform your dreams to be a conduit of solutions for the community, illuminating the transformative Super Errogated Protocols. The protocols, previously kept confidential within the Dream Team at WOWLife Church for years, will now be accessible to everyone through DreamTech, offering a unique opportunity for anyone to learn and embrace the art of prophecy and words of knowledge for their communities using dreams.

From Joseph in the old testament to Daniel the prophet and many others, the interpretation of dreams has been an integral part of prophecy and word of knowledge. Daniel’s unwavering faith and wisdom allowed him to interpret the dreams of Babylonian kings, including Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar. Likewise, Joseph’s gift for dream interpretation played a pivotal role in Egypt, where he accurately deciphered Pharaoh’s dreams of impending famine.

DreamTech is a doorway to a realm where dreams become a conduit for knowledge and prophecy. Through specialized activations and impartation from Kirby de Lanerolle, this program empowers individuals to dream with purpose, offering insights that resonate far beyond their own lives. Learn to live your dreams as you unravel the mysteries of the subconscious, making meaningful connections and sharing the wisdom that transcends the boundaries of the waking world. Experience the profound impact of dreams, guided by the transformative protocols of Kirby de Lanerolle.

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Session 1 – Surfing Your Ultradian Rhythms for Vision and Dreams

Explore the concept of ultradian rhythms and how they relate to your dreams and visions. Learn how to harness this natural biological cycle for enhanced creativity and insight.

Ultradian rhythms are natural, recurring biological cycles that operate on shorter intervals than the 24-hour circadian rhythms. They affect various bodily functions such as sleep cycles, hunger patterns, concentration levels, and body temperature fluctuations. For instance, the sleep cycle includes stages of REM and non-REM sleep, repeating throughout the night. Ultradian rhythms can cause fluctuations in hunger and appetite during the day, impacting eating habits. They also influence concentration and productivity, with alternating periods of heightened focus and reduced attention. Recognizing and aligning activities with these rhythms can help optimize time management, productivity, and overall well-being.

Session 2 – Igniting Prayer Fire to Sharpen Your Intention for Results

Learn the power of the “Will” and it’s connection to prayer. This session will focus on how one’s will can be sharpened using prayer.

Session 3 – Unveiling the Types and Substance of Visions and Dreams

Dive into the various types of visions and dreams, understanding their significance and how they can provide insights into your life and to the needs and wants of your community.

Session 4 – Exploring Different Protocols for Accessing Varied Dream Realms Pt. 1

Delve into the diverse levels of dreaming, from foreseeing the immediate future to gaining pre-cognitive insights. Learn the protocols for accessing these different dream realms.

Session 5 – Exploring Different Protocols for Accessing Varied Dream Realms Pt. 2

Apply a structured approach to dream analysis by using luminous tablets and exploring the role of elementals in accurately identifying and interpreting different types of dream information, including mindset, emotions, and physical states.

Session 6 – Navigating the Realm of Precognition and Entering the Future

Explore the realm of precognition, where you can gain glimpses into the future through your dreams. Understand the methods for entering and interpreting this prophetic dream space.

Session 7 – Grasping Anchors in the Precognitive Landscape

Gain insight into the significance of anchors in the precognitive landscape and how they can serve as guiding points for understanding and interpreting your premonitions.

Session 8 – Building Global Dream Teams and Activating DreamTech® Technology

Learn the art of forming global and local dream teams, collaborating to explore dream experiences and extract meaningful insights into the community’s needs and desires. In doing so, you will be able to contribute to the betterment of your community and nation

Session 9 – Question and Answer

Recorded question and answer session by the LIVE participants during the live event.

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What do I get once I purchase?

As soon as you register, you’ll get an email inviting you to join the PRIVATE Dream Tech space on WLWNet Mighty Network. This is where all the recordings are hosted. In that space you have the opportunity to interact with the other who have taken part in this program. 

How can I access the recordings?

After your purchase, you’ll receive an invitation to the dedicated PRIVATE SPACE for this course on WLWNet (Mighty Network). Utilize this link to gain access. Here, you’ll find all session recordings and any additional materials. This space serves as a hub for interacting with fellow participants, where you can ask questions, share experiences, and engage in discussions.


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