Healing meditation 2023 by Kirby de Lanerolle

Healing Meditation (2023) Neuroscience-Informed


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This Neuroscience-Informed Healing Meditation is a powerful tool for healing and relaxation. it is inspired by the ancient practise of building the inner castle


Welcome to this Neuroscience-Informed Healing Meditation, a powerful tool for healing and relaxation. This meditation is based on the metaphor of a castle, where each floor represents a different part of your body. By visualising yourself walking through the different floors of your inner castle, you can focus your attention on each area and promote healing and relaxation throughout your entire body.

This Healing Meditation is inspired by the ancient practise of building the inner castle as spoken about in the bible (notably in 2 Corinthians 5:1, Hebrews 9:11, Mark 14:58 to name a few) and the work of Theresa of Avila, a 16th century mystic and St. John of the Cross, a Spanish Mystic who lived in a similar time period. St. Theresa was a mystic and writer who described her own spiritual journey as a series of interior castles. She used this metaphor to illustrate the different stages of spiritual growth and the importance of contemplative prayer. St. John of the Cross wrote a book called “The Ascent of Mount Carmel,” which also uses the metaphor of a castle or a mountain to describe the process of purifying the soul and reaching union with God. In our version of the meditation, we adapt this metaphor to focus on the physical body and its healing potential.

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This product includes 8 guided visualised meditations that walk you through each floor of your inner castle and have been designed through neuroscience-informed methods to trigger place cells and grid cells in our hippocampus.

This is a streaming video product which means you can watch the guided meditation at anytime by login in to the My Account -> memberships area. The vide file  cannot be downloaded and is for streaming only. You will have unlimited lifetime access to this product.

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