Immortality (Longevity)Meditation (2023) Neuroscience-Informed Kirby de Lanerolle

Immortality (Longevity) Meditation (2023) Neuroscience-Informed


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This is a Neuroscience-informed Immortality (Longevity) guided meditation which has been designed to heal trauma and accelerate longevity.

This is a Neuroscience-informed Immortality (Longevity) guided meditation which has been designed to heal trauma and accelerate longevity. The structure of this meditation can be broken down into 2 phases:

Phase 1 Remapping the cognitive map of your next 100 years and phase 2, transferring energy from those cognitive mileposts of your future retrocausal healthy selves into your present self. Here it is further explained

Phase 1 – Cognitive Remapping of your Next 100 Years

We start by recording over and replacing faulty health and wealth milestones we have in our next 10,20,30,50,80 and 100 years with the finished work of the cross and then transferring energy from those positive milestones into our present self using some of neuroscience’s latest research and theories from quantum mechanics:

Space Time Bridging, Heart Brain Coherence, Postural feedback, biouminesence and retrocausality.

Space Time bridging is a type of meditation that uses the body’s ability to process time at different speeds depending on the distance of the object it’s focussing on.

For example time appears travel faster when we’re focusing our attention on our phone. As opposed to when we’re looking at something far away like an airplane where time is perceived to be slower.

This meditation uses a range of objects closer and further away to attach the next 10, 20, 30, 50, 80 and 100 year milestones of our lifetime. Since perceived time travels slowly in further objects, we attach the 80 year milestone to the furthest object from us and so on.

Phase 2 – Creating a Neural Imprint of the Future

In this Phase we Create a neural imprint of the aforementioned future milestones in our present selves using Heart-brain Cohertence, Space Cell Remapping, Retrocausality and Bioluminesence.

Much like a GPS, our brains have space-cells which track our position over time. These cells create an accurate representation of our physical surroundings (Which is called a cognitive map) and use the time we’re asleep to even find out shortcuts and better routes for the daily commutes we take (This is called Cognitive remapping). We now take those milestones we created in Phase one and connect it to the landmarks of our Cognitive Map. Our brain, which processes time in a linear fashion will now perform a cognitive remapping of our future and find shortcuts around obstacles aka (Traumas) and autonomously change our physiology to accelerate longevity.

After our map is done, we will use Postural Feedback, also known as Power Posing to record the energy signatures from the future retrocausal selves into our present. Energy from our future self will also be recorded in a symbol which will trigger our body’s own bioluminosity to help trigger place neurons and change our physiology. We also take into note retrocausality, a phenomenon observed through the theories of Quantum Mechanics where the future affects events in the present and past.

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This is an open-eyed guided meditation. Here are the few prerequisites for the meditation:

  • A Comfortable Place to Sit
  • A window with a view of the Horizon and sky
  • Headphones


Research Material:

  • Space-Time Bridging : Click HERE
  • Retrocausality: Click HERE
  • Bioluminescence (Phosphenes): Click HERE
  • Heart-Brain Coherence: Click HERE

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