Interpretation of Tongues the science by Kirby de Lanerolle

Interpretation of Tongues, The Science by Kirby de Lanerolle


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“The Science of the Interpretation of Tongues” by Kirby de Lanerolle is a program comprising of 4 sessions designed to empower the prayer life of the modern believer with cutting edge technology rooted in Jesus’ teachings complemented by modern science.

INTERPRETATIONS OF TONGUES, The Science (Recorded-Live) by Kirby de Lanerolle (Consultation by Neuroscientist Stanley Mathews)

This brand new Recorded-live program by Kirby de Lanerolle (The Science of the Interpretation of Tongues) is where theology and neuroscience converge. Uncover the distinction between the spirit within and upon, drawing inspiration from Jesus’ discourse at the well.

The program has 4 Sessions

These 4 sessions will explore the profound act of speaking in tongues, a staple in Pentecostal Charismatic Churches, revealing the potency of negative emotions like anxiety and fear in powering tongues. Delve into the neuroscience of emotions, understanding the mind’s intricacies to create intentional prayers for specific answers. Lastly, embrace the ancient Hebraic prayer art of kavanah, invoking English and Hebraic names of God to empower visions and receive divine interpretation. This program is a fusion of spirituality and science, where emotions become conduits, and prayer emerges as a powerful force for connection and revelation.


Session 1 – The Spirit Within & Upon

This session will explore the differences between having the Spirit within, a gift that every believer receives, and the concept of the Spirit coming upon a person. We will delve into how Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, telling her that the Spirit would emerge from within her like a fountain, moving from within her to upon her. Additionally, we’ll discuss how the Spirit upon a person is one that moves with power and connects to the interpretation of tongues.

Session 2 – Point Break

In this session, we will discuss how emotions, both positive and negative, influence the use of tongues in prayer. While joy and happiness often fuel tongues of praise, emotions like anxiety, fear, and depression can also be channeled positively. Embracing these emotions is crucial, as prayer devoid of emotion lacks power. We’ll explore how using pain and suffering can lead to deeper spiritual encounters, demonstrating how even our most challenging emotions can be transformative in our spiritual journey.

Session 3 – The Neuroscience of Emotions

This session will delve into the neuroscience behind emotions and how they can be harnessed to create a state of flow in prayer. We will explore techniques for channeling various emotions to facilitate intentional prayer aimed at seeking specific answers. The focus will be on understanding the psychological and neurological aspects of emotions and their impact on spiritual practices.

Session 4 – The Ancient Hebraic Art of Kavannah 

In this session, we will explore the ancient Hebraic art of Kavanah, which focuses on intentional and mindful prayer. We will learn how to use both English and Hebraic names of God to empower visions and receive interpretations. The session aims to deepen understanding of this traditional practice, highlighting its significance and application in contemporary spiritual experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kirby de Lanerolle the Neurotheologist

Who Is Kirby de Lanerolle?

Kirby de Lanerolle, is a neurotheologist who has a background in Neuroscience, Theology and Positive psychology and Leads a Global Church (WOWLife Church) with over 300,000 Followers. He has worked and chaired Committees for the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) and been the country director for the Global Fisheries and Aquaculture Organization (FAO). 

What do I get once I register?

As soon as you purchase, you’ll get an email inviting you to join the PRIVATE space for this program on WLWNet Mighty Network, where you can access the recordings of the live sessions and interact with the fellow participants.


How can I access the recordings?

After your purchase, you’ll receive an invitation to the dedicated PRIVATE SPACE for this course on WLWNet (Mighty Network). Use this link to gain access. Here, you’ll find all session recordings and any additional materials. This space serves as a hub for interacting with fellow participants, where you can ask questions, share experiences, and engage in discussions.


Is the registration for a single person?

Yes the registration fee is per person. Only the person (email address) registering will be added to the WLWNet course space to have access to the recording and admitted into the zoom live session.

Can I buy this program as a gift to someone?

Absolutely, you can! The most convenient way to gift a product from the WMP Web Store is by getting a gift voucher, which you can buy right HERE. The recipient can then use the voucher to register for the program.

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