Mysterion by Kirby de Lanerolle

Mysteries of Financial Freedom (Mysterion) Recorded LIVE – 2022


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NOTE : This is the RECORDING (recorded live) of the event held in March/April 2022

The Luminous Tablets was an integral part of Mysterion 2022 and therefore has been bundled here in an exclusive discounted rate. It should be noted that obtaining the physical version of the Luminous Tablets is optional for this program and it is possible to use the digital version for this purpose as well. Which is the reason for us to provide the digital version of the 6 base elements (only) free of charge to download for Mysterion 2022 Participants. If you wish to own the full physical Luminous Tablet Set and delve deeper into the full experience of the elements you can also get the bundle which comes with a USD 5.00 discount.

Kirby & Fiona de Lanerolle for many years have taught and preached about these imminent days and have also with clear foresight for over 10 years, intensely prepared the body of Christ. They have developed solutions to weather each storm, with protocols of fasting, immunity-enhancing, marriage and community empowering and wealth creating. WOWLife has not only sustained through the barrage of economic, social and psychological pressures (that would have caused many others to crumble under) but grown and thrived in times where few would have seen the light of day. Resulting in the Creation of a robust local and global community that has remained unscorched through the fires of the times

One might ask how the mystical is connected to the making of wealth; and it might seem apparent that wealth is made around the world without mystical protocols. However, what needs to be understood is that every person that has made a considerable amount of wealth (Atheist or otherwise) will acknowledge that timing and “luck” has supplemented their hard work.

It is the very reason (despite being in the modern world) that many Grammy / Oscar award winner would thank God or a transcended power. It is also the reason the majority of sportsmen are religious or spiritual and every politician has a witch-doctor, psychic, prophet, astrologer or warlock that exists in the background.

In the past years the obvious thwarting of human spirit and the rise of social controls by the hands of puppet masters have reduced hope to a rare commodity…however some have risen far above the supersession and transcended the algorithms of the common matrix.

Join Kirby and Fiona to learn some myth-busting ancient cultural values that have been refined and presented anew through their life experience.

What’s Included In the Purchase?

Once purchased you will get access to the recorded live sessions. You will have Unlimited streaming access to the recordings of the sessions to watch from MY ACCOUNT on this site. Audio (mp3) versions of the session will be available to download and listen on the go.

It’s important to have a decent internet connection of at least 10 Mbps download speed to watch the recordings. We recommend a WiFi connection over mobile data.

Note : The recorded videos are for streaming only and cannot be downloaded.

Program Topics


1. Reconciling with the Earth Element

2. Jesus the Famous One

3. Spirit of God vs Spirit of Mammon

4. Flowing with the Current

5. Thinking with your Mind vs Heart

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What are the Luminous Tablets?

Luminous Tablets and Tohu Wa Bohu Meditation package

The Luminous Tablets will act as the physical representation of the 5 elements and their seeds. It ships in the form of 26 Cards in a box (If you choose to go with this option (Mysterion 2022 + Luminous Tablets) and acts as an effective physical tool that assists in practicing the ‘Baptism of the Elements (A process mentioned in Tohu Wa-Bohu | Elucidation of the Secret of the Golden Flower)

It is an ancient protocol stemming from the Eastern Church that assists the process of immersion in the glory of the Cross. This process is also known as the Celestial Baptism. . Many have encountered angels & received profound peace and healing by engaging the elements of the communion through the “luminous tablets”.

Entering into the luminous projection (after image) engages the subconscious mind by imprinting millennia of prayers uttered by saints. It will stir up deep healing patterns that Christian mystics revealed and believed about the cross.

*Shipping charges apply. Additional custom charges may apply at destination. Dispatch within 24 – 48 after purchase.

Do I need the Luminous Tablets to follow Mysterion 2022?

Yes. But purchasing the physical box is optional. You will be provided with the digital version of the 6 base element cards free of charge. The physical box is simply bundled and given here with a USD 5.00 discount for any one who wants to get it at this point.


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