Synchronized Knowledge Online Course


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Advanced prophetic mentoring online course with Kirby de Lanerolle.

This is the recording of the course conducted live in March 2019. All session recordings are available to watch now.

LIFE TIME ACCESS to all session videos

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Synchronized Knowledge Online Course with Kirby de Lanerolle

Synchronized knowledge prophetic mentoring course is now available online. Get access to all 8 sessions and “Spirit Gym” meditations.

SK Course Content :

  • Session 1
    • Opening session
    • Psych Diagrams
  • Session 2
    • Tongues: The practice, interpretation and flow of tongues in the prophetic
  • Session 3
    • Prophetic Brain Wave State – In this section we will discuss the biophere of the brain and reveal which brain states are more efficient to your prophetic walk.
    • Slumber party – The night is a very active time for prophets. A change in the mind set is required from “time to sleep” to “time to realm quest”.
    • Spirit Gym (separate video) – A guided meditation and strength training to activate dimensions of the word and deep embodiment.
  • Session 4
    • Kairos Time – Different times of prayer in the day. Optimize your day to hear better
  • Session 5
    • Kairos God for Chronos Moments – Hearing from a God who is outside time and how to interact with a time and space fabric.
    • Spooky Action at a Distance – Quantum engagement and retro causality. Some concepts that explain usual behavior within the time space realm that facilitate the prophetic process.
    • Spirit Gym (Seperate Video) – “Living creatures and seraphim” Meditation to open seer realm.
  • Session 6
    • Intercessory Body and prophetic Life – The significance of your life, pasterns and connection for others.
  • Session 7
    • Fasting, Diets and Nootropics – Some possible aids for your brain health and to keep you fine tuned if you find it hard to hear.
    • Spirit Gym (Separate Video) – Deep waters meditation.
  • Session 8
    • Moving in the Glory – Hearing for miracles, signs and wonders and ministering with angels

Delivery Type : All Recorded sessions on HD 720P MP4 Video streaming.

Access : Lifetime Access to all sessions will be via the members area (MY ACCOUNT) of this site only.

System Requirements

  • You need to have a decent internet connection to watch the videos. A WiFi connection is recommended with at least 10Mbps down link speed.
  • Do not use the Facebook browser to watch. We recommend Chrome of Firefox
  • You will have to be logged into MY ACCOUNT of this website to watch streaming videos. Downloads are not allowed


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