Mysterion 2022 E-Workbooks


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Package include 3 PDF workbooks

  1. Mysterion Workbook
  2. Mysterion Student Workbook
  3. Mysterion Teacher Workbook

Note : This is not a physical book but digital e-books (PDF format)


These are supplementary e-workbooks for Mysterion 2022. The package include 3 PDF work books

  1. Mysterion Workbook
  2. Mysterion Student Workbook
  3. Mysterion Teacher Workbook

Once purchased the 3 files will be available to download immediately. Note that these are not physical books so there will be no physical delivery.

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By purchasing this product you agree not to share the downloaded files with anyone or on any social media or WhatsApp groups or make available to download anywhere else.This is licensed for personal use only. One printed copy may be made for your own use, but not for distribution.

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This product was transcribed based on the original Mysterion 2022 and made possible by Dr. Carol Wheatley

Kirby de Lanerolle the Neurotheologist

Who Is Kirby de Lanerolle?

Kirby de Lanerolle, is a neurotheologist who has a background in Neuroscience, Theology and Positive psychology and Leads a Global Church (WOWLife Church) with over 300,000 Followers. He has worked and chaired Committees for the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) and been the country director for the Global Fisheries and Aquaculture Organization (FAO). 

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