Prosperity Meditation Supplement by Kirby de Lanerolle


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Type : MP3 Audio

Length : 37:27 mins

Speaker : Kirby de Lanerolle (WOWLife Church)


Break out into abundance and prosperity with the guidance of Kirby de Lanerolle’s voice, as he reveals his own methods of meditation which have been tried and tested by him for years to go into deep visions of the cross. This meditation will open up new realms in dreams and visions to help you walk into the Royal Priesthood you were meant to be, on this earth. (With an emphasis on the word: Royal)

These guided meditations by Kirby de Lanerolle are here to help you walk more potently in the reality of the cross and the kingdom of God with extreme clarity and resolution.

Once you buy this you can listen to it any time you like. You will have unlimited access for one year. You can also download the MP3 file to keep.


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